The Story

Chris, Beth and their son Jensen playing in the vineyard.

Chris and Beth met and started dating in Indianapolis in 2009 where both were working on their graduate education. During their first date, Chris announced his goal of developing a vineyard and making wine. As the relationship evolved, Chris worked toward the goal by researching viticulture, attending classes and investigating potential vineyard sites. In summer of 2011, Chris and Beth got married and dove into the wine industry when they purchased a majestic 62 acre property in the foothills of the coastal mountain range in Yamhill County. The property had been an old timber farm that was in bad shape. In 2012, a portion of the property was cleared and planted and the adventure had just begun!

From 2012 through 2015 the vineyard matured and was expanded; the first production vintage occurred in 2015. By 2013, the gears started turning as Chris and Beth developed an interest in cider production and in late 2014 Chris grafted over 1,300 cider trees by hand. In 2015, Chris cleared and prepared the orchard site for planting.

These days, Chris manages the day to day operations of the farm and wine production while Beth manages the business. Chris continues to attend classes for enology with the intention of taking on the wine making duties for Artem in the future.

About Chris

Chris' great grandfather appeared in a New Jersey newspaper photo pruning grape vines in the '50s.

Chris is an engineer who has worked in the technology sector for over 15 years. As an engineer, he has always had an intense desire to make the things that he is interested in. This desire motivated forays into cooking, heavy equipment, and engine building; but farming and wine making has always held a special place in his heart.

Both his grandparents and great-grandparents owned vineyards on the east coast. His grandparent’s farm was located in Vineland, New Jersey where they farmed the Noah grape. The crop was used for sparkling white wine production. When Chris was a child he would spend time working on the farm picking berries and helping out on the farm (or so he thinks).

About Beth

Beth and Jensen enjoying a swing.

Beth has a degree in computer engineering and an MBA. She now works as a business analyst. She spends her time raising their son, Jensen. While farming is not in her blood, she does enjoy living on the beautiful vineyard and producing spectacular wines!